Torseconda: a treat
for wine lovers

Its intense ruby red colour has clear violet reflections while the aroma is refined, full and complex with hints of ripe red berries followed by toasted and spicy notes.

Its intense ruby red colour has clear violet reflections while the aroma is refined, full and complex with hints of ripe red berries followed by toasted and spicy notes.

Torseconda Rosso Ticino DOC

The second tower

In all cultures around the world, towers stand for the dialogue between heaven and earth, for infinity and mankind. Firmly anchored in the ground, they stand lonely and silent, as a symbol of defence, contemplation and ascent, an unchanging witness to the passage of time.

The name of our wine growing estate
goes back to a tower.

Torseconda is the name of the second of the so-called “hunger towers”, cylindrical structures built in 1853 in the Ticino region south of Bellinzona. This defensive system against the Lombards and Austrians was built after a trade crisis that had led to border blockades and food shortages. The canton of Ticino therefore initiated public works to alleviate the suffering of the population, and the federal government commissioned the construction of the fortifications.
of the fortifications.

In the heart of Ticino

Mild temperatures, many hours of sunshine and abundant rainfall create the ideal climate for exceptional wines in Ticino.
In addition to Merlot, the region’s main grape variety, we grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Our vineyards are 20 to 30 years old, located about 400 metres above sea level and benefit from an excellent western exposure.

They stand on stony, sandy and muddy soils that are strongly influenced by the activity of the glaciers and torrents that have shaped the land and left behind moraine deposits. Our grapes are trained using the Guyot system with a density of about 3000 vines per hectare.

What we stand for

To obtain quality grapes, the natural balance of the vines must be respected.
That is why we select, check and test every step in the vineyard and in the cellar
with the care that the vines require and the attention that the wine needs – and we never compromise.
We combine ancient knowledge with modern techniques
to create the best possible Torseconda-style wines:
rich and perfect for our times.

An elegant red wine with plenty of substance

The Rosso Ticino DOC is born in the sunny vineyards of our estate. In our cellar, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ferment and macerate in their skins for about 30 days at a controlled temperature.

Frequent pumping over ensures that the floating grape marc is immersed in the must again:
Thus, the yeasts are evenly distributed and complete the fermentation phase in the best possible way.

The wine matures for 18 months in French oak barriques,
and ageing in the bottle lasts a further 6 months.

Two years after the harvest, our Rosso Ticino DOC is an all-round compelling wine, with a silky structure and a refined, full and complex aroma.

Our vintages




Climatic conditions
The 2021 vintage is characterised by quite early bud break due to the high temperatures in March. In contrast, vegetative development was slow until the beginning of June, due to the low temperatures in April and May. This slowdown resulted in a delay of about ten days compared to the 2020 season. From the beginning of June, more favourable conditions accelerated a constant shoot development. Around 10 June, full flowering occurred.
It was short but produced a good set of fruit. On 8 July, several areas of central Ticino were affected by a heavy hailstorm, including the Torseconda vineyard, causing a drop in grape production.
The large amounts of rain in July and early August then provided the vineyard with sufficient water to boost the growth of the vines. The dry and sunny weather between mid-August and mid-September allowed for excellent ripening of the grapes.

Wine style
Intense ruby red colour with pronounced violet reflections. Refined, full and complex aroma with notes of ripe red berries, cherry and cassis accompanied by toasted and spicy notes. The Torseconda 2021 is a compelling wine, with a silky structure, nuances of fresh oak and a delicious finish with fine tannins. Balanced and rich on the palate.
Vintage quality
Good vintage

Climatic conditions:
In 2022, the weather conditions for wine growing differed greatly from those of the previous year. Throughout the Ticino region, the summer was hot, very sunny and quite dry. It was the second hottest since the start of weather recordings, characterised by three very hot periods.
The average summer temperature was 2.3 °C above normal, with low summer precipitation from June to August.
Due to the persistent lack of rain, germination was slightly delayed. The good conditions for fruit set enabled the production of a quality wine. In this context, water scarcity led to the need to thin out in order to obtain a high-quality product and avoid the vines suffering.
As early as mid-August, a particularly rapid development of grape ripeness set in, to an extent that is not comparable to any of the previous years. Due to the high temperatures in summer and the rainfall in August, the grapes ripened well and values were achieved that are far above the norm – with a final alcohol content of about 14% vol. in the wine. Now doubt, 2022 will become a quality vintage.


Administrative headquarters:
Tenuta di Torseconda SA
Via Clemente Maraini 39
6900 Lugano

Cellar and operational headquarters:
Tenuta di Torseconda
In Muntagna 50
6528 Camorino